The voice - and the body that houses it - are the most powerful tools of communication we have. 

We use our voice every day. We communicate physically every moment of our lives. Speaking and communicating with confidence and authority is a vital part of our success at work and in life.

Yet the workings of the voice and the language of the body are a total mystery to most people, and making presentations, addressing meetings or undertaking any public speaking are not prospects that many people relish. Our bodies become receptacles of anxiety and we unwittingly communicate uncertainty and insecurity.

I work with clients to help them understand their natural speaking voice, and how to use it to its greatest effect. I teach people how to work with their body, rather than against it. How to deal with nerves and how to communicate confidence and calm authority.

I focus on breathing, articulation and projection, and other key aspects of voice production. I work with the client's own physicality and help "re-calibrate" their relationship with their body and their personal space; we look at all aspects of non-verbal communication including, paralinguistics, body-langage, haptics, facial expression, gesture, proxemics and eye-contact. I teach clients to speak and communicate with authority and authenticity: this is not a one-size-fits all approach – I don’t impose arbitrary rules, but works with the clients’ own voice and body to harness their unique qualities and unlock their own power.

Connecting with your true voice, and learning to fully occupy the physical space you inhabit is a transformational process that will increase your self-confidence and change the way you communicate.

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"The best and most inspiring training that I have ever attended." Dr Ana Milinkovic MBBS, MSc, PhD, Clinical Studies Coordinator, University College London