How do you communicate? Do you know how to use your voice to its best effect? Do you understand about non-verbal communication and its power? How confident do you feel when you have to communicate? Do you criticise yourself about your ability to speak in public, or present?

How do you feel when someone points a camera at you? How confident do you feel when being interviewed on radio. television, or for a new job?

Do you secretly hate being looked at? And/or listened to? Would you make all your points in writing if you could?

How creative are you in your daily life? Do you view creativity as an indulgence? How much more would you enjoy your life and your work if you could be more creative? How would being more creative help you?

These are the questions I work with, and the issues I help clients address.

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“The best and most inspiring training that I have ever attended.” Dr Ana Milinkovic MBBS, MSc, PhD, Clinical Studies Coordinator, University College London