As every person is different, so what people need from me varies enormously. The essence and breadth of my work is connecting you with the voice and body you already have, helping you learn to use them both powerfully and effectively, increasing your confidence and stimulating and nurturing your creativity. You can choose to concentrate on one area more than others, or work on all aspects and areas.

I will tailor the work to suit you - my approach being based around three basic approaches:

Individual  One-to-one work involves an initial assessment after which a bespoke programme will be proposed. This may be as little as two sessions or as many as twelve spread over a six month period. This work can prove extremely powerful and ultimately transformative.


Team  For groups of between two and eight, a team programme is usually the most productive.

Teams benefit from watching each other work, and from making short presentations to each other as part of the workshops.

Teams can either be put-together in-house, in a larger organisation, or assembled by me or another third party.

Group For larger groups (10-30) I will design a specific group workshop. These workshops are usually a one-off.


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