Voice coaching for women
In my work I have observed that women have very specific issues when it comes to voice, and these can be explored through Voice and Performance Coaching, either in groups with other women, or on a one-to-one basis.

From childhood girls are often encouraged to be “feminine” and to be less strident, assertive and ruthless than their brothers. As a result, by the time they are adults, most women have no idea of the correct pitch of their voice, don’t understand how to increase its volume, and are often accused of sounding “shrill”. In addition, women are more physically inhibited than men and suffer more widely from self-consciousness and negative body image. Research tells us that women are 50% less likely to interrupt a man during a conversation than the reverse, and are prone to self-deprecate in a way that men almost never do.

Clients often tell me that the corporate world can be a difficult place for women, and gender politics within this world can compromise a woman’s ability to communicate still further. Maternity breaks present yet another hurdle, and women can find returning to work after a break daunting and difficult.

Voice and Performance Coaching for Women covers the usual areas explored within Voice and Performance Coaching, but additional time is given to issues of self-perception and building positive self-image. The relationship with the voice is considered, the issue of self-criticism is discussed, and work is done to improve negative attitudes to speaking and inhabiting the body. Personal goals and aspirations are examined and the power of the voice to influence these is explored. A number of exercises are introduced to increase self-confidence. In-depth work is then done on pitch and breathing, and more often than not a totally “new” voice is uncovered: one with strength, power, and authority.

The result of this work is a more inspired, motivated, powerful and successful person - and whether you are a man or a woman this is a vital investment for you/your company.

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